The Back Yard Zoo by Jim Dunlap

Jim Dunlap     OK! I think I have seen it all now. The day started out as usual here at the center. I removed two baby chimney swifts, one injured pigeon, and a duckling from the "Critter Drop Box" by the front door. That usually starts our day of taking in animals in trouble. It is followed by a steady stream of people dropping off wildlife throughout the day.

     Enter, a young lady from Carrolton. She was carrying a shopping bag and grinning like a possum. The story was not unusual. She found a baby cottontail rabbit in her front yard. After being sure that the mother had found business elsewhere she took the baby in for safekeeping. That was three weeks ago. She had consulted the rehabilitation experts and had done all the right things. The youngster was alive and healthy.

     After explaining her techniques, food, nest material, and all the stuff in the bag, Tammy, our office-manager extraordinare, asked the obvious question, "Where's the rabbit?" "I'll get it," was the reply. The lady reached into her blouse, under her bra, and retrieved a fist-size, obviously content, cottontail rabbit! This bunny had been bust buddies for three weeks! The rabbit traveled to work, then spent weekends and evenings at home all in the supportive confines of Maiden Form. Talk about your busom buddies. Cross-Your-Heart and hope you don't get scratched. Could this be Victoria's Secret? Last I checked, carrots are not Fruit-of-the-Loom. The Bali bunny.      

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      I had far too many questions on my mind, so I just thanked her and said goodbye without asking. The lady fed the bunny with one of those doll baby bottles. I didn't want you should wonder.

Jim Dunlap,

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