by Jim Dunlap

Lop-eared Rabbit     Daughter Erin is home from Florida for the holidays. I enjoy her visits because one: she can occupy that cat, Priscilla, and two: teach me something new and different. Years ago I wrote about noticing the odd way she applied cologne. She would spray it into the air and then walk through the mist. Well the other day I was passing the bathroom door again. Erin was standing in front of the mirror clapping her hands over her head! Being afraid to ask has never stopped me before, so I did. The instructions on the jar of "molding mud" said to rub some of this goo in the palms of your hands. The stuff looked like earwax taffy. Then you are to hold your hands above your head and clap vigorously. That action changes the viscosity of the goop to something you don't talk about when you have a sinus problem. It then drools down onto your hair. She says this gives her hair body. Nuff said!

     Speaking of hare, tis' the season to be jolly. It is not the time to subject an unsuspecting friend or family member to a sometimes unwanted experience of hare raising as a gift. Rabbits can only be good pets if there is a lot of consideration, information gathering, i.e. reading, asking questions, and preparation before the purchase or adoption takes place. There are many minuses to hare ownership. Just to list a couple: they are escape artists. Just the other day one of ours worked his way through a wire door and was roaming about the room eating the potted plants. After the third grab I caught him. The first two times I missed him by a hair. Excuse me. They are messy. The cage paper requires changing at least twice each day. They can be potty trained if you don't work, drive a car, have kids, attend church, go out to eat, go to school, etc.

     Not to split hares, but if you do your homework, a rabbit can be a wonderful pet. Just remember they require the same attention you would pay a dog or cat.

     You might notice the rabbit in the photo. Those ears are real. He didn't just have a bad hare day. This rabbit is pretty unique. He is a French lop-eared rabbit and they are one of the breeds that do make good pets. Oh yes, do you know the best way to catch one of these? Unique up on it!

Jim Dunlap, jim.dunlap@pisd.edu

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