The Back Yard Zoo by Jim Dunlap

Jim Dunlap     It has been suggested that I wait for an outcome before I make a big deal about this event. Patience and I have always been total strangers.

     Twas not long ago that I got the call. There was a lamb in distress. No, it did not follow Mary to the wrong places, it came into this world with a severe handicap. It's two front legs were bent at the wrists so that she actually walked on them. I don't really think you call them wrists on a sheep but lack of patience prohibits me from finding out right away.

     The condition also affected one back leg. The whole thing was getting sadder by the day. I put out the call to more than one veterinarian. An operation was the only possible solution. The last price I got was more the cost of a small herd of sheep; Mary included! It came down to an alternative that applies to ingredients in recipes.

     Dr. Ted Staph, our house-call veterinarian, was in the building. He looked at Lillie, (so, I named her. So what?). He made a few calls. He decided to try it. I'm excited! He says he can manupilate a tendon by little snips and stretches.

     So, what if she is poor and loses her way a lot. I am sure she will eventually produce much more than three bags of wool. Don't believe everything you hear. That was baaaad!

     Right or wrong, good or bad, (already did that) we are going for it. I'll keep you informed. Now how do I set this laser printer on stun?

Just a follow up note: The lamb is now (8/98) happy down on the farm.

Jim Dunlap,

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