The Back Yard Zoo by Jim Dunlap

Jim Dunlap     Mark stood in the little hallway just outside his bedroom door. He was looking up at the rope cord dangling from the hideaway attic stairs. The little plastic bell-shaped pull was turning slowly back and forth. His curiosity overcame bewilderment as he grabbed the rope and pulled the stairway down to the floor. The dark hole looked empty. Mark could hear a very slight chittering sound coming from the blackness. He slowly ascended the steps. One up. Two up. Three up. Six glowing orange eyes watched the shock of blonde hair appear over the edge of the rafter. Mark felt the hair on the back of his head move ever so slightly. He turned. Chitter! The sound was loud and the movement was swift. The giant spider sunk her four inch fangs into the loose cloth on the shoulder of Mark`s pj's just missing his throat. The huge black spikes were already smeared with a thick red goo. In that instant Mark knew that the family of squirrels had not just mysteriously moved out! He lost his footing and was hanging by a fang.......! BOO!

     Is it any wonder why a lot of us are simply terrified of our friendly partner in pest control, the spider?

     The Halloween holiday brings it's set of creepy creatures to the front of our minds. The spider seems to top the list. As a reminder, let us look at: The Top Five Things That Spiders Don't Do:

     Number 5. Spiders do not jump twenty feet and go for your throat. 4. They do not grow to the size of a wash tub. 3. They don`t produce a strand of silk that is stronger than the average nine-year-old. 2. They do not come out at night and suck out your insides as you sleep. And, the number one thing that spiders don't do: They don't eat squirrels because they do not like the taste of chicken!

     Perhaps the main reason that I don't like pumpkin pie is that I was frightened as a child by a wild Jack-o-lantern. It could've happened!

Jim Dunlap,

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