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     Past guests are people in the area of conservation, education, professionals in every area concerned with animals, and show business. The list is long and includes: Jim Fowler and Peter Gros of Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Sean Greene of the Ft. Worth Zoo, Dallas Aquarium, Dallas Zoo, Animal Edutainment, Mr. Peppermint and Muffin of WFAA's Peppermint Place, local animal rehabilitation specialists, city animal services departments, and Black Beauty Ranch. Veterinarian's do regular Pet Tips segments as well as people from everywhere who bring their pets for the sometimes hilarious Pets and Their People.

Comments and questions are welcomed by the host and can be submitted to or call 469-752-1194

     Jim Dunlap is Director of the Outdoor Learning Center for the Plano Independent School District. Jim is a recognized, respected authority on animals and has spent years teaching the value of a close relationship between Man and the creatures of the animal kingdom. He is author of 5 books as well as host of the cable television show AnimalsAnimals.

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If you were to lay 4,000 beetles end to end,
by the time you got to number 4,000, the previous 3,999 would have wandered off.
...And, if you were to do it with dead beetles,
you'd be given a comfortable room and three meals a day.

Jim Dunlap -07/Mar/2001

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