26 November, 2007

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Photo 2007 SnakeTalk.Com
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Photo 2007 SnakeTalk.Com

Photo 2007 SnakeTalk.Com
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Real Charmers

Figure drawing class gets a few unexpected guests

By Matt Keyser

Staff Writer

Students enrolled in Chris Fulmer’s Drawing 2, figure drawing class were in for a surprise when John Hunter of SnakeTalk.com brought in two very real snakes.

Hunter first gave an introduction to the class about his snakes, a boa constrictor and a large albino Burmese Python. His snakes were then allowed to wrap themselves around a still-life model as the students worked their magic from their easels.

“It was a very exciting class assignment,” Fuller said in an e-mail.

“The students enjoyed observing and drawing the figure with the snakes.” “The snake...created a strong visual for the students, the exercise was an excellent teaching tool,” she said.

Hunter, who owns 20 snakes, is no stranger to North Lake College. In fall 2006, he made his way into the cafeteria, along with two of his non-poisonous boa constrictors, to inform and educate NLC students about snakes, while dispelling any myths.

More about Hunter and his SnakeTalk presentations can be found on his Web site.

To learn more about Fulmer’s figure drawing class, call her at 972-273-3276, or stop by her office in P-216.

Paul Goodnough
Photo by John Hunter
Paul Goodnough and friend.

Student Drawing
The figures above were drawn by Tony Lam.

Student Drawing
This quick drawing is by Myk Taylor

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